Jul 11

Ibiza Summer Feelings

I’m happy to inform you that Disconauts first album “Ibiza Summer Feelings” is available already now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

Jun 19

Press Release: Al Rea releases his new album “Electric Lightning by DMP”

After the release of the Chill Out / Smooth Jazz album “Visions of Love” in 2012 Al Rea is now launching his brand new album “Electric Lightning by DMP” which appears as a way more danceable project. The release is scheduled for 20 June on platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.

The musician and music producer Al Rea, born Lutz Aulich, seems to have music running through his veins. Since his childhood, he has always been drawn to this means of expression. After years of silent freelance employment in the music business, Al Rea decided in 2012 that he had enough of sitting in the back seat and therefore established the music production company and record label “Disconauts Music Production”. Disconauts produces royalty-free music for various both national and international advertising and documentary productions as well as fashion shows, etc. such as Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, Taiwan Adidas, Ferrari Racing Days Dubai, Starhill Gallery Spring / Summer Fashion Week.

The musician and DJ Al Rea feels at ease with the genres Lounge, Chill Out and Smooth Jazz. A passion that has earned him collaborations with German music and DJ greats such as Mousse T., Raphael Marionneau, Martin Unger a.k.a. DJ Jondal or Nartak Schübel of Klassik Radio. The album “Electric Lightning by DMP” comes across a lot more explosive and powerful than the preceding Chill Out album “Visions of Love” and is strictly meant as an invitation to the audience to hit the dance floor. The epic musical fireworks that consist of the genres Electro House and Trance get the legs of the listener moving and rocking as if they were electrified. This reaction gets stronger and stronger with each additional music layer that is added to the soundtracks until the whole body is immersed in wild dance moves and energetic trancelike states. However, the 17 tracks and their positive aura make for mood lifting background music as well.

A glance at Al Rea’s website makes one realize that the musician behind the pseudonym is far away from being an uninspired bam bam music machine but rather a smart sound artist who uses subtle means to bring the music to life for the audience. “Electric Lightning by DMP” offers the listener a tremendous potential for surprise, depending on what catches the attention of the curious ears. It might be the notion of freedom and detachment that shine through the dark swirling, spherical synthesizer sound beds of the first soundtrack “Starflight”; or the poetical vibration carried in the gentle piano melody on “Breath of the Night”; the universally catchy and virtually hypnotic sound motifs of “Space Frog” or the delicate, almost jazzy electric guitar riffs in “Floating” which are alternating with strongly driven synth lines as in “Trackback” or “Jungle of Suburbia”.

Spoiler alert! People who haven’t been avid followers of Electronic Music so far will find it hard to keep up their judgment at the end of the journey through Al Rea’s cosmos of “Electric Lightning by DMP” as the heartbeat of this album is just as electrifying as the natural force of a lightning strike. And, mind you, there are 17 of these lightning strikes placed over the duration of a bit more than an hour – an excellent rhythm to sink into the world of Electro House and Trance, get spun by it and experience its rich diversity à la Al Rea. By doing so, the dance-loving audience won’t get their fingers burned, the musician, however, explicitly assumes no liability for the feet.

Electric Lightning by DMP
© 2013 Disconauts Music Production
Release Date: 20.Juni 2013

Disconauts Music Production
Am Tannenberg 81
19069 Pingelshagen

Tel.: +49 385 4841243
email: info@disconauts.com
web: www.disconauts.com

Jun 11

Electric Lightning by DMP

With an epic flare, the music of “Electric Lightning by DMP” combines highly organized rhythm and production value with poetic melodies. The album is characterized by its large, enthusiastic sound and catchy melodies. The heart of electronic music.

Available on June 20, 2013 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and much more …

Feb 14

Reference – Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

Golden Wings by Disconauts Music Production

America’s Cup http://www.americascup.com/

Feb 14

Reference – AtelierAimee

Heartbeat by Disconauts Music Production

AtelierAimee (Italy) http://www.aimee.it/

Jan 02


Disconauts Royalty Free Music is also available now at Pond5.

Dec 11

Winter Ballad

“Winter Ballad” is out now on iStockphoto.


Dec 06

Al Rea – Visions of Love

The brand new Album “Al Rea – Vision of Love” is Out Now!

Smooth and Jazzy side of Chill Out. Electronic relaxing music, chilling groove with electric piano, rhodes, strings and synthesizers.

This is the type of music you would love to hear at a lounge bar with a couple of friends or with a lover. Have your martini in your hand and relax your body to a loungy beat. Better yet set the mood for romance and invite that special someone.

iTunes Amazon

Nov 30

Al Rea – Visions of Love

The newest Disconauts-Production “Al Rea – Visions of Love” will be available for download on December 6, 2012 on Amazon, iTunes and many other online distributors.

Nov 12

new website

From today, the Disconauts website presents a fresh new look. Another style, more choice and you can also select your language now – English or German.
Take a look!